Contemporary Home Computing


One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

A blog about digging through the Geocities Torrent
Olia & Dragan, 2011-01-18

Car Metaphors

watches metaphors from RL (real life) that are wrongly applied to computers.
Maintained by Olia Lialina


suggests backward idioms that come from computers into RL (real life).
Maintained by Dragan Espenschied


From My to Me

Another history of the WWW
Olia Lialina, 2020

Once Again, The Doorknob

On Affordance, Forgiveness and Ambiguity in Human Computer and Human Robot Interaction.
Olia Lialina, 2018-06-08

Not Art&Tech

On the role of Media Theory at Universities of Applied Art, Technology and Art and Technology.
Olia Lialina, 2015-11-17

Rich User Experience, UX and Desktopization of War

The morning after experience design
Olia Lialina, 2015-01-03

Turing Complete User

What does it mean to be a user?
Olia Lialina, 2012-10-14

Still There

Users, Web Pages, Call Shops
Olia Lialina, 2012-01-10

Prof. Dr. Style (Vernacular Web 3)

Top 10 Web Design Trends for 1993
Olia Lialina, 2010-07-12

Vernacular Web 2

Web amateurs of today: From stars to glitter
Olia Lialina, 2007-08-05

Where did the computer go? -- Part 1

The home computer as a cultural object is physically vanishing.
Dragan Espenschied, 2007-02-22

Review of Paza's album "Janin Tendo Data Risotto"

Winning and losing in pop music and single player computer games
Dragan Espenschied, 2005-10-22

A Vernacular Web

Olia Lialina, 2005-01


Hyves: Money and Hyves: Body Class Pimp

Last days on the Dutch social network Hyves
Olia Lialina, 2013-11-29

User Rights

Invitation to computer users to suggest points that should be included in a Bill Of Computer Users Rights.
Olia Lialina, 2013-10-04

GIF Timeline

Three leaps in GIF culture.
Olia Lialina, 2012-04-08

Introduction to Web Paleontology

Hallo Surfer!
Dragan Espenschied, 2012-03-18

Gradient Appreciation Day

When the C++ boys took over the web.
Dragan Espenschied, 2011-01-23

Circle Of Life

Dragan Espenschied, 2007-06-14