“Read my blog!” — Get lost!

This is the world we live in

You can use “Read my blog!” to end any ongoing face to face conversation. It expresses that you do not want to spend more time on your conversation partner because this person is getting on your nerves and is wasting your time.

This phrase suggest that your conversation partner should switch from personal talk to a mass medium. Before the internet came along, only celebrities could say things like “I have to go, why don’t you read up on me in Vanity Fair? Bye!” Today everybody can act with the same arrogance by quickly setting up a mass medium and refer annoying people to it.

3 Responses to ““Read my blog!” — Get lost!”

  1. glebis Says:

    Awesome! This one is my favourite so far, I’m trying to spread it among my mates. It is particually good in my case as I’ve few blogs :)

  2. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. Dan Joy Says:

    It is a much more passive version of one a friend of mine uses to get someone to shut up “Fuck your blog!”

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