“Let’s enlarge.” — Committing a small sin.

Hooy Program

A system administrator working for a large company once told me the story that if the IT staff was about to decide whether to buy licenses for a new piece of software, first they would use a cracked version to try it out. This process was internally called enlarging because there were numerous offers for enlarging certain male body parts on the well known Armenian website they got their cracks from. The saying went: “Before we buy it we should enlarge it.”

To crack the copy protection of a commercial software is not exactly a legally endorsed activity, but the IT staff was feeling little guilt. They had the intention of buying big amounts of licenses after this evaluation process. The small sin they committed would lead to a greater good.

If something is only in doubt of being legal, on the internet this thing will be very likely combined with enlargement offers. This common knowledge should finally enter everyday language.

You can use to enlarge in a sympathetic way for any activity that is a small sin. For example you can say “I enlarged the CD for you”, “Alice enlarged during the exam” or “I had to enlarge my iPodĀ® to get my songs back”.

The ZX Spectrum screenshot above is from the great demo crew Hooy Program from Poland.

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