“I need to underclock.” — Time for holidays!

Afterburner Palm Overclock Benchmark

Most “knowledge workers” of “our information society” face a lot of stress. All the time the cellphone rings and emails arrive, then the WLAN is down, airplanes are late and the video projector’s lamp breaks just before the important PowerPoint® presentation.

When it all gets too much it’s time to relax. But the word “relax” is a bit spoiled because it was taken over by the wellness industry. And some IT professionals wouldn’t like their colleagues imagining them laying in a hot tub with slices of cucumber on the eyelids.

This is where the word “underclocking” can help out. Overclocking means to run a computer processor at a higher speed than it was intended by modifying hardware or toggling switches in hidden menus: Only for real phreax! So underclocking is the way for the competent computer user to chill out a bit, making everything go slower.

You might express your need to underclock on Fridays, after Xmas or when an tight project deadline was met.

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