Paperdigm: Flipping


“A book can be read through the Dynabook […]. It need not be treated as a simulated paper book since this is a new medium with new properties.”
Adele Goldberg, Alan Kay: “Personal Dynamic Media”, via The New Media Reader


The effect of simulating turning pages is very popular online, especially with web sites that want to appear like magazines.

Typical demo, typical implementation.

The only really good application though is Rafael Rozendal’s colorflip, abstract, useless, primitive, absurd but totally immersive experience.

But now the new contender for most absurd use of page flipping on a screen is the e-book reader on the iPad (see animation above). iPad shows only one page. When you flip, print on the backside of the paper becomes visible — as if you’re about to see a double page next. However, this backside vanishes immediately, leaving you with the impression that you missed a whole page of your e-book.

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