Fisherman analogy to explain analog

Internet Archive provides Bits and Bytes, a Canadian television series, produced by TVOntario in 1983. It is “about computers, or rather about microcomputers — the small, personal ones that are selling like hot cakes nowadays.” Despite its cheesy header and the fact that it is 30 years old, the dialogs performed by Luba Goy and Billy Van are perfect explanations of basic and some times advanced principles of real time computing. And of course it is very 8-bit, from the title song to every single example shown. Well, it was still 8-bit times.

Episode 8, Simulations and Games is especially advanced. First of all it explains why games help to learn more about reality than simulations. Secondly, it explains in one minute the concept of digital and analog.

At 5:25 a fisherman appears and describes the amount of fish he caught in the digital way:


“but if you ask the fisherman how big the fish was that got away, he is describing the quantity of missing fish in analog way.”
The elastic nature of fisherman’s memory doesn’t belong to realm of discrete and digital!


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