Engines and Processors

Slashdot ran a discussion about an article that claimed Microsoft could use its power for good by switching on power save mode with an automatic update.

To support this idea, one commenter writes:

Imagine the laughs if a new car was brought out which required the engine to be on all the time — because if you turned it off you cannot unlock the doors.

This sounds funny indeed but has nothing to do with computers.

  1. A computer cannot work without electricity while it is very possible to open a door without electricity.
  2. Computers that require to be powered on all the time are usually doing something. They might be servers or occupied downloading movies.
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7 Responses to “Engines and Processors”

  1. paul Says:

    computers can run without electricity olia - you obviously aren’t reading slashdot enough:

  2. olia Says:

    True. But it is not a computer yet. It doesn’t display animated GIFs.
    Last time I was exсited about revolution in power supply it appeared to be a fake.

  3. paul Says:

    what? there’s nothing fake about potatoes.
    its good that you point out these stupid car analogies in the media, but i think maybe it’s a bit tricky because the definition of a computing machine is itself an analogy without a formal proof [turing machine]…so if as a concept the thing [computer] is inherently vague, then maybe we can look with some compassion upon people who can only use analogies to describe it??
    i dunno…i dont mind this car analogy and i also try to be a good person.

  4. olia Says:

    May be concept is vague because there are only analogies, and analogies of analogies. And compassion.

  5. paul Says:

    :. ::|:: .:
    :|:. .::|::. .:|:
    ::|:. :::|::: .:|:;
    `::|:. :::|::: .:|::’
    ::|::. :::|::: .::|:;
    `::|::. :::|::: .::|::’
    :::|::. :::|::: .::|::;
    `:::|::. :::|::: .::|::;’
    `::. `:::|::. :::|::: .::|::;’ .:;’
    `:::.. ¹::|::. :::|::: .::|::¹ ..::;’
    `:::::. ‘:|::. :::|::: .::|:’ ,::::;’
    `:::::. ‘:|:::::|:::::|:’ :::::;’
    .:;” ::: “::.

  6. paul Says:

    that thing above needs to be centered and then it shows compassion.

  7. ivan Says:

    brings up a memory from late 90ies - the doors vs the computers (beware, it’s got a beard). four programmers get into a car the engine wouldn’t start they all get out of the car they close all the doors and then they open them and get into the car once again.. pardon the silly joke but that’s about as much sense i can make out of the subject.

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