Dairy Products

What a precious finding!

Beside the fact that the question here should be why to use any version of Internext Explorer at all. And beside feeling really sorry for the company that has to compare their product with old milk and not with old wine. Beside all this, isn’t it ridiculous to look for what ever analogies in order to explain that an older version of the browser has to be replaced with a new one? 17 years of web browser history are nothing else than releases of new versions that make previous ones obsolete. Web browsers from Mosaic to Chrome can serve as a perfect metaphor for anything that has a very short shelf life.

Milk is an important issue in contemporary online culture.

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  1. wolle Says:

    it’s very impressing how many people still use IE 6 or IE 7 in this times. http://www.webmasterpro.de/portal/webanalyse-aktuell.html

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